Elected Officials


Chatham Township and Chatham Borough

Our local, county and state representatives work for us. We encourage you to contact them and voice your opinion about legislative decisions they are making on our behalf. Here is a list of our current representatives and their contact information at each level of government:
Chatham Township
Mayor and Township Committee
Mayor Ashley Felice (R)

Deputy Mayor Mark Hamilton (R)

Committeeman Mark Lois (R)

Committeewoman Stacey Ewald (D)

Committeewoman Celeste Fondaco (D)
Chatham Borough
Mayor and Council
Mayor Thaddeus J. Kobylarz (D)

Council President Carolyn Dempsey (D)

Council Member Jocelyn Mathiasen (D)

Council Member Karen Koronkiewicz (D)

Council Member Frank Truilo (D)

Council Member Irene Treloar (D)

Council MemberLeonard Resto (D)
Morris County 
Commissioner Director Tayfun Selen (R)

Commissioner Deputy Director John Krickus (R)

Commissioner Stephen H. Shaw (R)

Commissioner Deborah Smith (R)

Commissioner Douglas R. Cabana (R)

Commissioner Kathryn A. DeFillippo (R)

Commissioner Thomas J. Mastrangelo (R)

New Jersey
LD 21
Senator Jon Bramnick (R)

Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz (R)
(908) 918-0414 

Assemblywoman Michele Matsikoudis (R)
(908) 232-3673